Interview with Lonnie Lawrence

You guys hung out in high school. Did you ever go on double dates or anything like that? I remember you telling me something like--


Yeah, we, um, we, we went to the prom together, we were getting ready for the, the junior prom, and, and he went over with me and some other folk to get ready for the prom, and, um, and I had rented this car for the prom, and it was one of those push-button Plymouths, and we all sitting there, BSing in the car, after we had finished decorating the auditorium, Bay Front Park Auditorium, and I pushed a button on the car, well, the button I pushed was, was the forward instead of the reverse, you know, sitting there talking, and I wiped out, killed two parking meters and the police were sitting there watching us kill these two parking meters. Fortunate enough I didn't end up really getting in too much trouble about it, but, but, we were all, and we laughed about that, you know, constantly, you know, how I killed these parking meters, um, you know, it was really a trip.