Interview with Lonnie Lawrence

OK, now you left school and lost track of Art and then when do you re- hook up with him again?


Well, the strangest thing is that, ah, When I graduated from high school, I went to DC and worked up there for a year, and, ah, shit, lo and behold I went to the Marine Corps after being up there for a year, and who the hell do I see, you know, you know, I walk in the barracks and there he was. [And, I, I couldn't believe it, you know, because I hadn't seen or talked to him, or anything, for over a year, you know, after I got out of school. And, um, and we spent quite a bit of time together because we were basically in, in a platoon together throughout that particular training in the, in the Marine Corps. And we ended up, after our specialized training and everything, end up being assigned to a ship together. It was the strangest thing, you know, hadn't seen him for a year and end up in the service with him and serving, serving aboard a ship with him together.]** .