Interview with Marcia Webb Lecke


Marcia Webb Lecke:

"Incorporate the question in your answer." [laughter] Um, we did not know at school was was happening each day. If bulletins were sent around then they did not tell very much about what was going on, and if they said anything, we were not to discuss it. So if you didn't have any classes with any of the nine, one really didn't know if they were in the building or not, in those first few weeks of school. And, uh, the school is so large, that I seldom saw any of the nine. Occasionally I would see Ernie Green, when I would go into his trig class, because of a ball game that would be scheduled in the afternoon, and uh, he is the only one of the Little Rock Nine who was a senior, and in my class, and the only one that I knew by name.