Interview with Frank Legree

Well, now the stuff kept going, it kept continuing, I, you know, ah, going on and on and on. How did all this make you feel? How did you bear up under all this shit?


Well, like I said, at, at, at, ah, at this particular point, I have really gotten a- afraid for my family, you know, because it was showing that they were really getting to be violent, and they was threatening to do, to really kill me or my family, you know, so that is, I was more concerned about my family than I was myself. So we decided to get my family out, we went and put them in a room, apartment at least at the Sir John, so they could stay there, and I said, "I will stay at the house myself." Which I did, and the NAACP got some men to, you know, start staying there with me,] but they started this picketing, [you know, and, so they was walking all around with a big sign, "Nigger get out!", "You's a blockbuster, we don't want you in our area," and, ah,] so I didn't just let them walk and walk, so I went outside, got my sprinklers, put it on my lawn, turned the water up as high as I could, you know what I mean, and water coming, they just started running through the water, somebody went and call the police, when the police come, still they got them to carry me to jail** So I goes to jail for turning on the water on people that, I said, "But they was marching in front of my home!" But they carried me to jail, which, I didn't make it in time to do, jury throwed[SIC] it out of court, you know, and I went, then, after then, we had what we'd call a cocktail hour. And we invited all our friends to come over, you know, so they find out that we saw all these cars, and going on Dr. Brown, Father Gibson, everybody was there. And we looked up, we inside, everybody's having a ball, come out, we had four cars with the tires flat on the ground, you know. And it was just something that, ah, I'm, I'm, ah, ah, ah, if I had to do it all over again, I definitely would, you know, but this is something we weren't looking for. We weren't looking for any trouble, you know, and it wasn't really the neighbors that lived right next door, right in that area, it was people that lived way off from there, in Hialeah, in Coral, Coral Gables, you know, and they were, actually, we had one of the fellows, they called him along, that actually worked for Eastern Airline, you know? And, ah, it wasn't the neighbors, it was just the outsiders that was created all the disinformation.


Stop down. That's an interesting twist