Interview with Frank Legree

So you're dealing with the housing stuff and along comes the school shooting.


Ah, Nah, let me tell you this. We went through all this problem, now things are easing down. You know, on the house--we're still getting a few little prank calls, but we didn't pay any attention because things were going a little smoother, ah, my son at the time was attending a school called "Holmes Elementary," which was 13 to 14 blocks, on the other side of the school which was called Archer Villa, that he had to pass by on the way to Holmes Elementary from the house that we were living. So then they come and say "No Mr. LeGree, your son is not supposed to pass one school to go to another, ah, wait a minute, you going to tell me I have to go through this again?" So he said, this is rule, this is the superintendent of, you know the schools. So I said, well, only thing we can do, we got to transfer him to go to Archer Villa, so I go to Archer Villa that morning to transfer my son; "I'm sorry you can't bring your son here," "What do you mean I can't bring him here, the superintendent told me--" So the principal, he got in and called me and said Mr. Legree lets try and get this thing--I said "whatever, ah, you know my son needs an education," I said, "I didn't ask for this," I said, "they told me to bring my son here to Archer Villa, this is where he's supposed to go, I have all his papers, I'm presenting it to you, now you do what you want to, he's going to stay in school."