Interview with Frank Legree

All right, now you said we needed integration, start it with integration.


Yeah, well, you know, we needed integration, we needed school, we needed, you know, better schools to go to, and I think, if we decided we wanted to go eat here or go eat there, we should, you know, go there, you know. But, in all that, we had, in the Black area here in Liberty City and, and Overtown, we had so many places, we had the hotels, we had restaurants, we had everything that we wanted, it was so used to of us having things that we wanted, so it was no big thing to us, you know, but we wanted to have the privilege of going where you would like to go. But, when that opened up so that we could go to those places and do those things, that just, just faded the Black businesses out, because you couldn't compete with the big Di- ah, Denny's Restaurant, and you couldn't compete with the hotels, the big hotels, the Eden Roc or the Fontainebleau, you know, or what have you. So, this just killed all of our revenge, so all of a sudden, now they say, "OK, we going to make it possible so the Blacks can have this. We going to tear this down and, ah, and build over a little-- " And they tore down things, but nothing had never been built back again. So now if you could look Overtown, or if you go in Liberty City, this is all you see, the places that were torn down, but there's nothing that has been built, you know, for the Black people. Anytime that we have the, the Black Baptist Convention, or we have the Masonics, which have 30,000 delegates or what have you, who gets any of the pie? We can't get in over the side, because we don't have anything to offer. We don't have no hotels, we don't have no restaurants that is, that can seat 300 people, you know, and, so where have the got to go? They go to the Eden Roc, they have to go to the Hilton, they have to go there. They're making all the money over there, and they say, "In our community," you know, but what about the economics over here. We're not getting into that! We can't get in because we don't have anything to offer. So they got to go in this other area which is surg- integrated, and which is good, we're glad, but look what it did to us over in this area, we don't get none of the pie.


I gotcha. We got roll out. That's good. I got it all. We got it all