Interview with Frank Legree

Frank, Overtown in it's heyday. You were a performer there. What was it like then? Tell, make it come alive.


Overtown, oh, during that time, man, Overtown, they had all of the different bands and shows, they had some wonderful musicians, you know. Oh they had some of the baddest musicians. I used to jam a lot, so OK. Even at the Sir John, the Mary Elizabeth, they would have a show, big dancing, you know? All you had to do was just go down Second Avenue, any time that, after seven o'clock. Both sides of the street, all you could see was just people. Everybody was happy, you know? And, ah, they just had shows. They had, we would leave from the Mary Elizabeth, we would go to the Sir John. Leave from the Sir John, we would go down to the Elks which Clyde Killens had. You know, it was always something going on, man, it was swinging. That's all I can say. It was bad.