Interview with Frank Legree

Well now, um, what was your favorite story. You were a musician. Who did you perform with that you liked the most, or what do you remember as a story about somebody that--


Oh, oh, I can, well, there's several I can remember, but, there's one I, I, I really thinks about quite often, is, ah, Dinah Washington. Dinah was in town, you know, and she was supposed to perform with us at the Sir John. We had it all set up. Dinah Washington was going to be at the 5:35. First show starts at eleven o'clock. And this is it. Everybody's glad to see Dinah. They want that. They loved Dinah then. So we had a big band, the place was crowded, we was only charging two dollars during that time, well that was big money, you know, everybody was trying to get there, so we had the place crowded, we was so happy because we got a full house. Where's Dinah? Everybody waited. No Dinah. So someone came up to us, say, "Hey man, like, ah, Dinah's over at the Palms." I said, "The Palms? She's not supposed be there, she's supposed to be here, you know, with us!" No Dinah. But we had one girl that used to sing. She loved the Dinah, she would imitate Dinah like everything, so, we saw that Dinah wasn't going to be there, everybody wanted the show to start, so hey, we just put this girl up and she started singing. And she was wailing the same songs what Dinah sings, you know? All of a sudden, here come Dinah inside and hear this chick. Oh, she was furious, you know? But after all, you know, she came in, she know she was late, she know she was wrong, but she really liked this girl herself and, man, that was a ball. Everybody, you know, forgot about Dinah didn't show, but when Dinah got there, she got up on the stage, she killed it. You know. But it was real funny, you know, ah, it was just one of those things that happened in, in, in the entertaining that I never will forget, you know, never will forget it.


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