Interview with Jerris Leonard

I'm going to ask you to summarize some of the conclusions, and we talked about them. Ah, ah, first off, was the raid necessary? And you might talk about the number of officers, the level of surveillance, and the choice of weapons.


Well, the question is, is always asked whether or not the raid itself was necessary. In my humble opinion it wasn't. I, I think there were better tactics that could have been used, ah, to bring about, ah, ah, control of the people, and arrest of the people, ah, in that apartment. There is no question that the police had the, had the right, they had a search warrant, ah, there were illegal weapons in the apartment, the police had a right to arrest them. But, the question is, how do you go about doing it? There are a number of different tacsic- tactics that could and should have been used. Ah, as far as the weapons in the apartment, ah, I don't remember the number, but there were substantial numbers of, of weapons loaded, ready to fire, that were in the apartment.