Interview with Jerris Leonard

OK, why, why were there no indictments? From, ah, from the Grand Jury, why weren't indictments recommended?


I don't think there's any question that people don't really understand that the federal government's role in this area is very limited. The statute which, under which the Justice Department has to work is very stringent, it, it's not like local, criminal law where there's a lot of different choices. The, the issue simply, ah, stated, under the federal statute is that the federal authorities, the Justice Department has to show that the police officer had control over the person that he's arresting, and after getting control over that person then executes what we call "summary punishment", either begins to beat the person or kills the person, and that's the very limited area that the federal government has to work in. And that's why there was no indictment in that case.