Interview with Jerris Leonard

OK, how was, we're talking about this period from '69 to '70 with, how was the American legal system, how was it being challenged by, in this period, in particularly in events surrounding the, the, Panther, Panther raid, Kent State, and Jackson State?


I think it's important that when you look at the period from around '69 and '70, that you also understand that the American legal system, particularly the law enforcement community was under tremendous pressure to deal with a problem that they really had no experience with, and that was the mass radicalization of individuals who, ah, whether they be the Panthers in an enclave in an apartment in, in, in Chicago, whether they be a massive number of students at Kent State University of Jackson State University, law enforcement community simply had no background or experience in dealing with those kinds of situations. The closest they ever came to that was in, ah, in, ah, Union strikes, an entirely different set of facts that they had to deal with.