Interview with Jerris Leonard

OK, and, and, sort of a specific sort of comparison between someone like Fred Hampton from the Black Panther Party in Chicago and someone doing service work in the Southern Civil Rights Movement, I mean, did you see any similarity in--


Well, I, ah, um, you know, ah, when you ask whether or not there is a similarity between Fred Hampton and people working in the Southern Civil Rights Movement, ah, you have to be a little careful that you're not misunderstood. There's no question that Fred Hampton, that there was a part of Fred Hampton that wanted to help in a proper and non-violent way, wanted to help Blacks in his community in Chicago. To that extent, there is a parallelism to the non-violence of the Blacks in the South. But there was another side of Fred Hampton, which was very violent, and which was criminal, and, unfortunately those two melded together, and, and I think in the end, it's probably what resulted in his death.