Interview with John Lewis

I wonder if you could just tell us something that you saw or something that you felt while you were attending that funeral. If you could kind of give us a little picture of what it was like to be at that funeral.


During the funeral of Malcolm, I recall seeing people there from all walks of life. Blacks, people that was pretty well off, but common people--Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, I believe James Farmer of CORE was there. And it was other individuals, nameless individuals that had participated, ah, in the struggle in the movement. It was a great shock to many of us, so it was a very sad, ah, occasion really, in, um, 1965, ah, because for many of us, Malcolm had made an attempt to see us in, ah, Selma, Alabama. He came to Selma, ah, in February, early part of February 1965, and, ah, many of us including Dr. King were in the jail at the time. And the local officials denied him the right to see us, so the last time for me personally, seeing Malcolm alive, was in Africa in 1964.


Let's stop there.