Interview with Robert Links

To many people, Alan Bakke is a symbol, but we need to know about the man behind the symbol so I'll be curious to hear when was the first time you met him? What kind of guy is Alan Bakke?


I first met Alan Bakke about two days before we tried his case against the University of California. And if I could describe him without being overly dramatic, I don't think you would ever meet a quieter, ah, more, ah, self-effacing, more humble, ah, more peaceful kind of guy in the world. And I think if ever there is anything which demonstrates the kind of guy he is, he never sought any publicity, he never granted any interviews, he never "went public" or "went Hollywood". All he wanted to do was let the court decide the case and go on with his life. Um, I guess the most fundamental way you could describe him is he was a young man of enormous talent who just wanted to be a doctor and who felt that he had been denied that opportunity because of his skin color. And he's also a man of principle, he wanted an answer to that question. And he got it.


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