Interview with Robert Links

When you and your partner took on this case, did you understand its national significance? And if not then, when did you?


I think from the day Bakke walked in our door we knew what was at stake, [we knew how vital the questions were. And above all else, we knew that it was going to take good lawyering and not theatrics, not histrionics, not yelling and shouting, but some very deep thinking. And we tried to give that to the case and I guess the most fundamental thing I could say was that from day one we knew this was the case of a lifetime. Not just for the lawyers, not just for the client, and not just for the court. This was a case for America to come to grips with itself, with its past, and with its future. And I think all three of those elements intersected when this case was decided and throughout every day that it was litigated. **