Interview with Marian Logan

Can you tell us about that night?


Well it was an horrendous evening, he came around eight o'clock in the evening. And he stayed until I guess it was, almost 7:30, 8 o'clock the next morning. We sat up and talked and had drinks, but mainly Martin was trying to turn me around. To change my mind about my opposition, to the War. I mean the, not the War, the Poor People's Campaign. And finally my husband said, "Martin, leave her alone, you know. She's not gonna change her mind, she believes in this very strongly. And I think you should accept it." Martin left, you see, just to- I don't think he could ever accept it because at the end of that, that was on a Monday night. He called me every night, every day, sometimes twice day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. And Thursday was the night he was killed.