Interview with Marian Logan

Where did you go and tell me what you saw.


I went to Resurrection City and the whole section had been ringed off, or runged off, I don't know how you say it. Anyway, there were all these guards in khaki, which ever they were, whether they were state or, they weren't local police. And, ah, I asked them, I said, "What are you doing?" And they said, "Well, Bobby Kennedy's funeral cortege is coming by." I said, "But, these people aren't going to disrupt anything, they're still grieving over Martin, and Bobby dying is just an extension of Martin's death, and they just want to be part of paying tribute to him." I said, "Please open up and let them come out." So, finally, ah, at the same time It started raining, which I never will forget it, it was the strangest, eeriest thing. It started to rain. Very light rain fall. And they finally opened up and the people from Resurrection City started marching out. Now, if you can see this: there was Resurrection City here, there was a reflecting pool and at the end there was the Lincoln Memorial with the spotlight on Lincoln's head. At the foot of the Lincoln Memorial there was a group of school children, because they had on midi-blouses and skirts, I remember, and they were singing the "Battle Hymn of the Republic". Oh, boy, so the people from Resurrection City started marching up on either side of the reflecting pools, pool. And I walked along, and I got about the middle of the pool and I looked and I saw the hearse coming along, right in front of, the foot of the Lincoln Memorial. In the hearse with the driver, Ethel Kennedy, and Teddy Kennedy, and it stopped right there and Teddy, I could see, opened the door of the hearse and leaned on it and Ethel leaned across him and they were looking at the children who were singing the "Battle Hymn". And, ah, people from Resurrection City kept moving and they started singing "Battle Hymn". At the same moment, almost, I looked up and saw the pin-spot on Lincoln's head, and above that was the moon. And it stopped raining. Oh, it was like a montage on stage, I'll never forget it**. And, the Resurrection City people were marching and singing and Teddy shut the door of the hearse and started to pull away. When it stopped, and I think it was, someone raised their hand and they looked over and saw the Resurrection City people coming and they were singing and they just walked up and got in behind the hearse, in front of all the other cars, and they marched over the bridge into Arlington. It was one of the most dramatic, profoundly moving moments I've ever known in my life. I'll never forget it.