Interview with Marian Logan

I want you to go back, Dr. King has been assassinated and SCLC is in a state of whatever. Why the decision to go on with the Resurrection City?


I think that was something we all felt had to be done. It was kind of a continuity step to carry out what we knew was Martin's wish, whether we agree, or, at least, whether I agreed with it or not, I felt very strongly that we should do this for Martin and, ah, because, mind you, everybody was just so distraught then, We didn't know where we were going, everything was in a state of flux. And, ah, our leader was gone and we felt a great void and a terrible, sick emptiness. And, I think, we all felt we just had to do something that we hoped would be meaningful**. And we also hoped that other people would understand. It was our way of venting the terrible horror, you know, and I guess, maybe, hoping that after that had all washed that we'd be able to pick up and do something meaningful and become an effective organization again.