Interview with Marian Logan

When Resurrection City came to its end, did you feel, did the leadership feel responsible? Did you feel sad for what was happening?


I did. I can't speak for the leadership during that time, because, I think, everything was in such disarray. But, ah, yes, I felt some sense of responsibility, I don't know that I knew what I could do about it, but I felt terribly, terribly sad, because, I thought we had all these people, for whom, we had really become responsible. Many of whom, they told me, had left their homes. They said, "Miss Logan, we just came, we just left everything, just came." I wonder where a lot of them were going back to, you know, what they were going back to, and how they were going back. I don't know, it all just kind of disintegrated when they finally closed down Resurrection City. And, I have to tell you, I don't know what happened to many of those people.