Interview with Marian Logan

In the aftermath of all that, what about the country?


Well, I think everybody was so devastated--on the liberal side--we lost Martin, and then Bobby was a very important factor in our thinking and in the liberal Democratic Party. We all thought he was really our prince who was going to become president and be greater than any that had ever happened. Because we watched Bobby really learn a lot through, I was in Mississippi with Bobby and saw him sitting with a little Black boy on his lap and the tears streaming down his cheeks. He said, "I cannot believe this is happening in America." He couldn't believe it. I said, "Bobby, go see the Indians, go to California. go see-- " He learned so much, you know, then, he would have been magnificent as a president. But, then, of course, he got it. Then, you could almost feel the country took a wide right turn. And, I don't think its recovered since. Oh, look at us now. I don't think its recovered.