Interview with Marian Logan

OK, you're back in that evening. How did your husband finally end that evening and what did Dr. King say?


Well, by that time, Arthur was really getting very annoyed. We'd been up all night, and Martin just wouldn't let up. So, finally he said, "Martin leave her alone, can't you see she's exhausted, she's not going to change her mind." So Martin said, "Well, darling," like he often said, "I'll just have to pray for you. I'll just have to pray for you so you'll come around." Martin could put such a hurting on you, you know, he'd make you feel so guilty, and I would get so angry. Sometimes I would give in, but just a little bit, because I was not about to let him think he had one completely, you know. But, ah, I loved just tinkering with his thoughts and testing his mind, you know. And challenging him in things.


That's it, thank you very much.