Interview with Robert Lucas

What did you say to give them a sense of the cause of the riots?


What really, ah, ah, see this power structure, they were not really looking for necessarily the cause of, ah, the riots. They, see the riots were still going on at the time that these, this meeting occurred. They were looking for some way to stop the riots. And I think that, in my humble opinion, that the Black leadership was, was either naive or, or dishonest. When, when I got an opportunity to speak, ah, I got up and said that I thought the riots were caused by socioeconomic conditions in the Black community. But see, that wasn't really very well received, because, one I was really not that well accepted on the part of the traditional civil rights leadership because I was member of CORE and CORE was a militant organization and, ah, up to that point we had many times taken exception to the established civil rights leadership in the city.