Interview with Robert Lucas

--gives them basically swimming and I'm wondering if you thought they should have gotten more.


Well actually when the riots was, the riots were going on, ah, the, the power structure in the city, ah, ah, was sitting down with the, ah, civil rights leadership trying to figure out a way to stop the riots and, ah, as a matter of fact, ah, I don't know what they were willing to give up but I think that they were, they were willing to give up much more than, than we got if you like. Ah, ah, during the discussion about how to stop the riots, one very well-founded, ah, ah civil rights leader and stood up and said, "After all you remember the riots started because you had Black youngsters, ah, seeking relief with water from a fire hydrant so obviously they, ah, need swimming pools and can't you give us some swimming pools." And, ah, of course the power structure was delighted, you know, with that request because they didn't have to give anything up. And so they, they actually gave, ah, ah, ah, portable swimming pools in many sections of the, of the city particular, in, in, in the Black section. I believe at the time that the, the Civil Rights Movement leadership could have gotten much more than, than swimming pools but it, see, apparently--