Interview with Robert Lucas

If you could talk about why the summit happened, why did the movement and decide negotiate at that point?


I, I think the reason for the summit was because that, ah, some people believed that the marches had produced a lot of polarization and, and tension in the city. Ah, which I don't believe was the case. The, the racial polarization, the tensions, ah, had always been here. But because of the marches, they, ah, ah, perhaps hardened, if you like. Because as a matter of fact, at, at the time that the summit took place, ah, There was a, a lot of fear, ah, in the White community and some parts of the Black community that there was going to be some sort of big racial explosion. And so that's really one of the reasons why both sides sat down at this conference table in, in the, ah, in the Palmer House. And, and, ah, both sides knew that that, ah, they were not getting anything from the, ah, ah, ah, summit. In fact the, the so-called summit agreement was not really worth the paper it was written on because it was really had no teeth in it. And it was really unenforceable. But, ah, inasmuch as both sides were looking for a way out**, ah, you know, it, it was accepted, you know.


Ah, cut please, I forgot what I was supposed to say.