Interview with Robert Lucas

And the other part is, you mentioned that you thought it was a mistake that they decided to abide by the injunction. Can you talk about that?


Yes. Yes. Yes. Ah, I think that the injunction that Daley had the courts to impose upon the movement, should have been broken. Because I believe if we had broken the injunction, if Dr. King had broken the injunction, it would also broken the back of the regular Democratic machine, the regular Democratic organization. Because you see in Chicago it was the regular Democratic organization that perpetuated the, the racial division in, in the city and that, ah, was able to keep the schools segregated and keep houses segregated and so forth and so on. So I think that, that, ah, had the injunction been broken, although they, they may have been some hostilities after that, I think, I think we would have broken the back of racial segregation in the city of Chicago.