Interview with Robert Lucas

In terms of Black support for Daley. People like say, well folks say, the point being that a lot of Black folks voted for Daley so he must have been doing something right. What was your sense of Daley and why Black people kept supporting him?


Well, I don't think it was so much of Richard Daley as a personality, ah, we have to remember that Daley had a very strong machine and what the machine consisted of was, ah, committeemen and precinct captains. And, ah, these committeemen and, and, and precinct captains, ah, they were rewarded, at least they thought they were well-rewarded for turning out the, the vote for, for Daley. So they used to employ such, such tactics as, if you don't vote for the Democratic ticket, you're going to be tossed off of the welfare rolls. If you don't vote for the Democratic ticket, ah, you're going to be, ah, put out of the, of the housing project. And then too, as you know, during that era, there was a lot of vote buying in Chicago, of people just simply and literally sold their vote for, ah, almost nothing. And so that's why, and that's why Daley had, had a lot of support. Then there were some Blacks that, that felt that, that Daley was a good mayor and should have been supported, you know.