Interview with William Lucy

What happened as, as you retreated back on to Beale St., were you doing anything in particular you can remember?


Well, the, the first thing we were concerned about, as we, as we brought the march to a halt, was the, ah, ah, the safety of Dr. King. Ah, and at the front of the march, ah, that was taken care of, and then some of the staff people came, concerned about some of the elderly people who were in the crowd, and how, ah, they needed to be looked after, and the police at this point again was in, indiscriminately, ah, beating people. Ah, we decided to move back to, ah, to, ah, Clayborn Temple, ah, so that we could really just sort of get ourselves together. Ah, and the staff people were just simply trying to care of everybody that we could to make sure that nobody was seriously injured either by the stampede of the crowd, or by the police and their activities.