Interview with William Lucy

OK, we're driving to the airport, and you're with King. Tell me about driving with him and what he was saying, your thoughts about if he was going to come back and why?


As we drove Dr. King to the, ah, airport, ah, we, we discussed a number of things, first of all his perception of, of the strike. Ah, and his, his classic description that this, that this is the confrontation of the, ah, of the '60s and the '70s, the, the working poor in an effort to improve their own situation. Ah, I believe he was committed to coming back, because, because the question of whether or not he could have a non-violent demonstration, ah, again, was, was, was very, you know, critical to him. Ah, there was a more militant mood moving across the country, and Dr. King's non-violent leadership, ah, was being called under question, and the violence at this demonstration was being charged directly to him. And he felt that he had to set that record straight.