Interview with William Lucy

So how did you first become aware of the strike?


Ah, President Wurf, ah, had received a phone call, or at least an inquiry from a newspaper reporter asking, ah, him, ah, if the union was in fact planning and organizing a strike in the city of Memphis. Ah, it came as quite a surprise to, ah, to President Wurf, ah, simply because in February nobody has a strike in Memphis, Tennessee. Ah, he called me at that time, I was assigned to Detroit, ah, and asked if, ah, if I, if I had time to go down and meet one of our other staff people to see if we could lend some support to bringing this to a, ah, to a conclusion. To us it was a fairly simple matter, ah, when we arrived, it seemed like it was a disagreement over grievances, and, ah, we thought any administration or city government, ah, could settle these kinds of differences relatively quickly.