Interview with William Lucy

Let's go back to Lawson. When you first met Lawson, I mean, how did Lawson strike you, what was he like? What was Reverend Lawson like?


Ah, Reverend Jim Lawson was a, was a very, you know, interesting individual. Ah, he was not quick to join the side of the union, although he was very quick to join the side of the men. Ah, he was a very deep, ah, intellectual, you know, ah, person, ah, one who had a great history in the Civil Rights Movement. As a matter of fact, he had been an advisor to Dr. King many years before. But also had studied directly, ah, in Egypt, ah, or rather in India, ah, with, ah, with Mr. Ghandi. I mean, he was a, he was a disciple of the non-violent movement, but extremely miligent[SIC], extremely intelligent and extremely committed.