Interview with William Lucy

What happened when Loeb first, well, what were your first impressions?


Ah, I was struck, ah, by, by, by the mayor, ah, as a rather unique individual. At that time, Memphis had just come through a, a, a new election, a, an election that had involved the restructuring of city government, ah, and the election of a new city council, and the election of a strong mayor. Ahh, Mayor Loeb was, was, was a rather large, ah, man, sort of a John Wayne type, John Wayne mentality. Ah, six foot five or six, um, very impressed with not only himself but his station in life. And a stubborn, ah, man, one who, I think generally felt, ah, warm towards people, but in much more of a paternalistic sense as opposed to a relationship of peers on the basis of just human beings.