Interview with Alan Lupo

People in South Boston felt used and abused by the media, as a representative of the media, what's your response?


I've been on both sides of stories, both as a reporter and as a subject, and yes, no story is ever perfect and no story is ever therefore, totally accurate. So anybody who's been the subject of the media theoretically can feel burned or abused. Southie has a point. First of all, we shouldn't overlook the racism that was evident there. And that had to be reported. On the other hand there was a lot of fear there. There were a lot of deeply held sentiments that were more complex than racism and we hardly ever got deeply into that. Hardly ever does it ever happen that we get deeply into that. But what burned me watching it all was that everybody shows up with the cameras to record racial fighting on the hill but when a well to do suburb quietly, behind closed doors, says effectively that a certain race or class of people can't live there, I don't see any television cameras.