Interview with Colonel Floyd Mann


Col. Floyd Mann:

After what happened in Anniston, Alabama and Birmingham, as director of public safety, I certainly knew that we had a tremendous problem on our hands. So did the governor, so did Attorney General Kennedy apparently, because at that point in time, he began to send uh people into Alabama, like Mr. John Siegenthaler, also uh, Mr. Whizzel White, who's now a member of the Supreme Court, and others. So uh we began to try to develop some plan to get those people in and out of Alabama into Montgomery and on into Mississippi. So there were several meetings held, one in the Governors office, where I, Mr. John Siegenthaler attended, where he wanted the assurance from the governor that uh, law and order would prevail in the state. Governor Patterson had uh certainly been elected as a law and order candidate, and I felt at that point in time, even though the political situation was such that I understood the situation that Governor Patterson was in politically. I also felt that Governor Patterson felt that I would make sure law and order did prevail in Alabama. So I assured Mr. Siegenthaler at that point in time that I felt that uh, we could keep law and order in Alabama.