Interview with Colonel Floyd Mann


Col. Floyd Mann:

Well, uh, you know it's hard now to know what those people in the mob felt they had to fear from the freedom riders, but first, I think what upset, why they was acting the way they were acting because in their own minds there'd been a lot of press and a lot of publicity about these people coming to Alabama. They'd also been a lot made of them not being Alabamians and being outsiders and been a lot said about them being agitators and the things that uh, they were testing, you have to remember this was uh, 1961, and uh, never had any of those things happened in Alabama, like uh sharing the same restrooms in public places or sharing the same restaurant. To, to those people this was something totally new socially uh, and I'm sure that they were fearful of change and something new that they didn't understand. And some of them did not understand.