Interview with Adrienne Manns-Israel

Talk about the, related to that, talk about the Hershey demonstration. Do you remember that? Can you describe that?


When General Hershey came to, to Howard he came I, I think to support the war and the draft. I'm not quite certain because he never got to speak. There were a, a corp of, of young men from Philadelphia who had planned a demonstration. And they told me that they were going to do something. They didn't say what and that I should come. So I came. And I, I wouldn't have come otherwise. And, they stopped him from speaking. They got up chanting "America is the Black man's battleground." They had placards and Hershey stopped. I remember him looking at them like a grandfather. Like he understood. And he, he just, he didn't speak and Carl Anderson was Dean of Students, I think, at that time. He came over to escort him off stage, like he's protecting him. But there was nothing to protect him from. They were, they were chanting but they weren't trying to, ah, to harm him. They just were trying to stop the program, which they did and we, and we left. That was all there was to it. But a big thing was made out of it. I remember that Robin Gregory was there because she and I had been talking afterward and she and a number of other students, I think Tony Gittens was involved in that, they were called before the judiciary to be expelled from school for disrupting this, ah, program. All right, so when they went to their judiciary hearing that's when, ah, some more students came to disrupt the hearing. I remember Dean Snowden. I was, funny, I was always outside it seemed like on all these, these early demonstrations, and, ah, watching. And they disrupted the hearing, kept the hearing from being, from, from taking place. Because we knew that, as in past, if you went to a hearing automatically that meant you were going to be expelled. I'd never known anybody to make it through the hearing, called them kangaroo court I think, something like that. So that, that's the Hershey incident.