Interview with Adrienne Manns-Israel

Talk also about going to hearing.


Oh, excuse me. There's, I forgot. After, after Hershey, right, after the Hershey demonstration there was a polarization. I remember in, among students. One side of the, the student government leaders and fraternity leaders called a press conference to apologize for the demonstration. And they angered me so, I was so angry. I was the Managing Editor of the newspaper. And I said that they, how dare they speak for the student body. They said they were speaking for the responsible students. Now, Gloster Current was there and, and some others who were, who were leaders in student government. And that polari- that really polarized, polarized us, those who supported the demonstration or at least their right to have it, those who said it was a disgrace and an embarrassment to the, to the university and so forth. And, ah, I just made a vow after that. I said, well, I'll have to get serious about this thing because the other side is serious.