Interview with Adrienne Manns-Israel

So what happened when you went back, I mean at the point you realized that you couldn't go any further. When you brought it back to the, to the student body. How did you try and deal with that, to, to get it over with?


Well the student body told us, their, their sense was that, we, we were threatening to betray them. I had, I remember one night, the night before we left they were very angry because they said, we, it was the first time they'd seen us vacillating, we weren't united. Some of the steering committee was in favor of accepting the trustee's offer, some said, "No." The students finally told us to work it out among ourselves: the eleven of us. It ended up an all night marathon, and it got down to the word, "Black", because Tony said, "We should have mercy on Dr. Nabrit, that we should give him some respect," because I said, "No we should make the man resign." Tony kept saying, "No we shouldn't do that," so I said, "All right." But then when it got down to the Black issue, then I said, "Well maybe we can trust them, we can accept this argument," but others said, "no," and we stayed up--there was a core of people that really felt this was a central issue, and that it broke us, it broke the coalition down, that issue.