Interview with Adrienne Manns-Israel

OK, if you can talk about the Charter Day demonstration up until the time that you go up on stage?


Well, when it became clear during the Charter Day serv- cer- ceremonies, that Dr. Nabrit was not going to respond to our demands, it was about the end of the program, he was about to give out the awards, I, I remember turning to Tony, I said, "I think we need to go up now because he's not going to say anything." And so he said, "All right, well you get up." I was sitting in the isle. So I got up, that was the cue for everybody to get up. So we got up, and we started toward the stage, and the security guards moved quickly and got in front of us. They were standing there, all of them were armed, and I, I remember the fear because I said, "If we step past them maybe they'll hurt us." I didn't know what they'd do. So I said, "Tony what do we do now?" And he said, "Well, lets sit on the stage, we'll just sit on the stage, so that way we won't have to push past them." So we sat up on the stage, and well, Tony said, "I think we're going to have to get up." You know, this wasn't working, they were going on like we weren't there. So Tony got up, and I thought, "Well if he got up, I'll have to get up with him, I promised that I'd do this." So I stood up, and, and we stood there, and I kind of inched my way toward the podium, behind Tony, and Q.T. Jackson was on the other side, and they told Dr. Nabrit that here were our demands again, and we're asking you to respond to them, "Will you respond to them this time, at this time?" And he s--he just turned away from us and walked away. He looked at us, he s- like "How could you do this to me?" and he just walked away.


OK, cut.