Interview with Bob Mants

We're talking about the independent Black political party. And what I want to know now is what role SNCC played in that and how this wonderful comic book that gives a description to people of, of what was going on. I would like for you to talk about that comic book as well as other roles that SNCC played in the forming of this party.


Once the recognition of, people decided they wanted to form an independent political party, then what was necessary was to do the research. Alabama state law, ah, the code of Alabama sets out, ah, how to form an independent political organization. Ah, SNCC's research department in Atlanta did the research on it. Ah, part of the way of educating the general public as to how to go about forming political organizations was through the use of a comic book. Ah, the, the emblem that was used, the PR that was used, selection of candidates, my particular job was that, ah, at that time was, my job was to do the workshop for the candidates. My job was to go through very careful details of what the job of the tax assessor was. What the job of the sheriff was as required by law, etc. So SNCC played a major part in that. Ah, there was also, ah, an Alabama code, Alabama law that said what had to be done on the first, ah, convention. Ah, the first, ah, election in the formation of the organization that took place, ah, during, ah, during that time.