Interview with Bob Mants

You've got that slogan, "Vote for the panther then go home." Tell us about that.


Well the idea was to, to create a kind of jingle that people could memorize. "Vote for the panther, then go home." First of all they could not vote in more than one political party. They could not vote for the panther and then vote in a democratic or republican party for example. So we wanted them to vote for the panther then go home. Ah, people would associate or memorize the jingle, or associate it with the Black panther at the emblem and pull a lever, lever for the party. Ah, a classic, ah, ah, photograph that was around for years was this fellow guarding this sign. We had posters all over. The home made posters we made that says, "Pull the lever for the panther then go home." Ah, it helped in the number of persons that turned out to vote. These are people again who are voting for the first time in our lives. And some of these were elderly people.