Interview with Bob Mants

Can you tell me some story about someone who was particularly inspirational voting for the first time.


Well not only voting, but registering for the first time. Ah, I think, ah, if there was any one incident that, that, ah, ah, heightened my spirit was at the old jail house when people registered to vote. And the person who was the sheriff at the time came out and said, "Y'all niggers get away from here. Y'all, I'm going to get my shotgun. Y'all disturbing my mother." And that was an old man whose name was Will Jackson who came to me and said, "Bob," she said, "We ain't going no where today." He said, "If we back up now, we'll be backing up another 100 years." And for some reason or another, spirit took off and everybody said, "We ain't going no where today. You going to have to kill us right here." Ah, it was that kind of spirit that overcame, ah, that came over the group and we just stood there that day. And if they were going to kill us, then they would have to kill us that day.