Interview with Bob Mants

So finally in May 1966 you reached that primary and that convention. What's special took place during that day for you that touched your heart?


Well there were, there were several things that, that I think that took place. Ah, here was the first time that, that Black people in any record number registered to vote. But more important than registering to vote was, you, was the beginning of the end to the fear. Ah, you can't imagine, and I can not find words to describe the depth of the fear that people had, ah, historically in this county. The fear that they had of, of, of being killed, of being maimed, of economic reprisals. Ah, that was a beginning of a lessening of the fear that they had. And I think if anything, ah, significant that happened that day, it was that people begin to come out in record numbers to be able to actually take a stand, literally take a stand for what they believed in.