Interview with Burke Marshall


Burke Marshall:

Well, uh, Robert Kennedy uh, well, he was, he was always a, a frantic, frantic is a word I wouldn't use about Robert Kennedy. Robert Kennedy would say, "Well, what are you going to do about it? What are we, what, what can we do, uh, to protect these people and to prevent them any more violence from action. What specifically can we do? Who's going to go where? Who's going to file what law suit? Who's going to make what speech? Who's going to go on what television program? Who's going to call the Mayor of Birmingham? Who's going to call the governor? Who's going to get the president's cabinet in motion? Who's going to do what and when and why, why not five minutes ago?" is the kind of reaction that he would have that would be a very uh, well, oriented towards movement, towards movement, specific movement.