Interview with Burke Marshall

NOW, THE NEGOTIATIONS WITH GOVERNOR PATTERSON. YOU TELL US WHAT YOU FELT YOU HAD GOTTEN AS AN AGREEMENT AND WHETHER HE STUCK TO IT? Uh, what Governor Patterson committed to the President's representative John [Seigenthaler?] was that he had the men and the force and ability and the will to protect, I think he said, everyone in Alabama. But in the context, he meant the Freedom Riders, that's exactly what he meant, that's what he was asked about that's what his statement was taken to mean. Now did he leave, live up to that? Well, it didn't happen. Whether it was his fault that it didn't happen, it was certainly his responsibility that it didn't happen. Whether he knew that the Montgomery police were going to pull out and let the Klan members beat up on the freedom riders in Montgomery is something that I just don't know. But he protected against that, he'd given the commitment to the President of the United States not to let that happen, and it happened. So it's plainly his responsibility and the commitment was clear as crystal.