Interview with Burke Marshall
Burke Marshall:

The uh, when, when the Kennedy Administration started, the only uh, statutory authority that it had through the Department of Justice, was, was uh, in voting rights. So that the first goal of the Department of Justice was to bring a whole lot of voting rights cases, and we geared up to do that and we started to do that. The President was committed in the campaign uh, to do whatever he could do by executive action - the term executive action is sort of a key word to the goals of the Kennedy Administration in 1961. And uh, he had promised uh, other executive actions: a housing order, he uh, he executed in 1961, [ a ], uh, employment order for, uh, federal government and, and for federal contractors. And they committed a uh, sub-cabinet group on civil rights that met quite frequently and did various things to try to move ahead the uh, civil rights movement.