Interview with Burke Marshall


Burke Marshall:

After they started, in fact, as far as I am concerned. . .[unintelligible] Oh, right, I'm sorry. The, the Justice Department, at least as far as I'm concerned, learned about Freedom Rides, after they'd gotten going. My own situation was that I had the Mumps, and therefore, I was out of commission for about a week. I would get uh, papers from the Department of Justice and sometime during the course of that week I got a clipping about what happened, I think in Rockdale, South Carolina, where there were, was arrest- John Lewis was arres- I think he was arrested, I think he was also, uh, beaten. Uh, but uh, the uh, Freedom rides, uh, didn't really come to our attention until Anniston, and then of course, when the bus was burned in Anniston, it came to our attention in a very, very uh, dramatic way.