Interview with Burke Marshall


Burke Marshall:

Well, of course we, uh, immediately realized the seriousness of that situation. Uh, the burning of the bus in, in, uh, in Anniston, was followed, I think the same day, uh, by the burning, by the attack on the riders in another bus in Birmingham, so there were two events, they both happened on Sunday, and the Sunday was Mothers' Day, May 21, May 14th, something like that, the middle of May, 1961. And uh, as so, as soon as it happened, with the disruption of interstate movement in the United States uh, we realized that the matter had to be dealt with effectively and promptly. Uh, it was complicated to do that and we had to put a lot of things into motion to do it uh, but uh, the importance and urgency of the matter was, was, uh, recognized right off.