Interview with Ed Marciniak

What I'm going to ask you about, there was the rally at Soldiers' Field, followed by the march, I wanted you to tell me the story about being at City Hall watching the marchers, so could you could you describe the march to City Hall?


Oh, I was at the rally and I had a police car take me back to, to City Hall and um, it was just about dusk. And the, ah, men and women who were in the march were walking s- 10, 12, 15 abreast. They had taken up the sidewalks and street. Ah, and they were walking down LaSalle Street which is already a corridor kind of street. And it was, it was a, ah, impressive disconcerting sight to see these people because they were not mar- marching in regular, ah, fashion. They were just marching free-flowing down the street. Ah, when, ah, when they posted their, ah, demands on the doors of City Hall I was inside City Hall looking out and watching Martin Luther King and Al Raby, ah, putting those, ah, demands on the door. And then the flow of the march went by.