Interview with Ed Marciniak

What did the marches mean to Mayor Daley and how did he respond to that?


What, what the marches meant to Mayor Daley was, ah, that there was a potential for violence, a potential for very serious violence, a potential for political ruptures, ah, between the, ah, White leaders in the east communities and the Black leadership who were leaders in the city council who were spon- espousing a fair housing policy, and which many of the White aldermen had voted for. And it was being ruptured by the failure, apparent failure of a policy to prevent total racial change. And so the, ah, to the mayor, as, as the marches escalated, and as they moved to other wards of the city, ah, it meant, ah, the loss of control, ah, the loss of political ability to, ah, keep the situation i- under control, peaceful. And that there was a dang- a danger of major law disorder. And that wa- that was the perspective of the mayor.