Interview with Ed Marciniak

How did you feel about what was finally agreed on?


The major accomplishment of Martin Luther King's presence in Chicago was the creation of the Leadership Council for metropolitan communities. For this--for the mayor it was a victory. The mayor had failed for six or seven years to make fair housing a metropolitan question. It was a metropolitan real estate market. He was afraid that, ah, the, ah, law would simply keep segregation growing in Chicago with a ring of White suburbs. That's why the mayor went originally to Springfield to get a fair housing law which would cover the city and the suburbs. Ah, when the leadership council for metropolitan open communities was formed, ah, we had, we had, we had accomplished a major objective. As a matter of fact, it was the mayor who called the president of Illinois Bell to become the head of the leadership council for, ah, the leadership council for metropolitan open communities. It was the mayor who called Ben Hyman when he was fishing in Wisconsin to chair the summit conference here in Chicago. So the mayor, mayor was actively interested in putting this together.